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4wd tagalong adventures Australia

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Small Town Surprises

Just got back from checking through our up coming Opals & Gold Safari this will run in October this year, taking in some great areas including Lightning Ridge, Hill End and lots more, see the tours section for more information. When setting up the routes we take, I quite often try to take the roads less travelled as you never know what you may find.  On this reccie we decided to pass through a small town called Carinda just south west of Walgett NSW.  A typical small country town with a sports ground (free camp) dozen houses or so and yes a local hotel.  Now we learned when we got there this hotel featured in a David Bowie film clip, so it just goes to show that we need to take the time when passing through these small towns as there is always something of interest to see.

Something which I had time to ponder on our last reccie was communication.  We live in a world where communication, specifically mobile phones, are becoming a “must have”.  When travelling outback it is expected that between towns you may not have phone reception and a lot of people will take a Telstra phone because they have the best coverage.  Now we travelled through a town recently that I would say is not remote, in fact would be less than 1 hour from Toowoomba.  We stopped at the Local for dinner and just out the back was a very nice free camp, no phone service at all, never have had phone service!.  The publican advised us that 5k either side of town you could get service. We need to remember that travelling throughout this awesome country we have, we cannot rely on our mobile phone’s, and I would suggest that all caravan’s, motorhomes and frequent outback travellers should at the very least have a quality UHF and antennae along with a trip plan that you leave with relatives and or friends.  We carry 2 x vehicle based UHF’s, a 5w handheld, Sat Phone, Spot gen3 (EPIRB) and a Telstra and Optus phones (yes there are places that Optus works and Telstra doesn’t)


Don’t be afraid to get out and Xplore our great country and experience its hospitality on your next Xciting Xpedition.

Catch you round the campfire



Posted in: 4wd tagalong adventures Australia at 16 July 18