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4wd tagalong adventures Australia

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Windjana Gorge

We were in Derby in June running a tagalong safari and had a free day spare.  Having heard about Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek we thought we would run the 300 odd km up and back on the Gibb River Road and check these places out for ourselves.

We started out on bitumen which soon turned to very corrugated dirt but nothing too bad that we couldn’t handle, had to dodge a few tourists driving through the dust at speed and in the middle of the road but got to our first stop at Windjana Gorge with no trouble.

Wow! Never have we seen so many freshwater crocodiles in one place, it was incredible, we counted at least 80 before we stopped trying.  Due to the very dry wet season over the top half of WA there wasn’t a lot of water in the gorge and didn’t seem like there would be enough water for crocodiles that were there for too much longer.  The gorge was spectacular and worth a visit, we didn’t venture too far down the gorge but there is a 7km walk you can do on a sandy track. 

We walked a small way in and due to lack of time we ventured back out and headed back up the road towards Tunnel Creek.  The road had improved significantly on the other side of Windjana Gorge and we made it to Tunnel Creek in no time, about 35 km further up the road.

A short walk up to the start of the tunnel, then a bit of clambering over the rocks to get into the tunnel.  A spectacular site, a little bit of water but not as much as what we thought.


We had been told by a local at Fitzroy Crossing that we would have to wade in thigh deep water and in order to determine if there were any crocodiles, throw a rock in the water and if you see eyes, they are in there.  Luckily for us we could skirt the water and didn’t have to test the theory.  We walked somewhat into the tunnel but as we were very unprepared for our spur of the moment trip, we didn’t have strong enough torches with us to venture all the way in. We went as far as we could which in itself was pretty spectacular and then turned around and headed back out and headed back down the corrugated Gibb River Road to Derby.

A day well spent and worth the trip out, some more exploring to do there on our next trip to WA.

Posted in: 4wd tagalong adventures Australia at 02 September 19