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Tagalong Adventures Australia

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Our 4WD trip into Salvatore Rosa

We left Tambo after staying there for 2 days to catch up on washing and some internet and travelled 8km down the road, turned left onto the Wilderness Way and we were on our way into the western end of Carnarvon National Park, Salvatore Rosa.

The road soon turned to dirt and even though it stated high 4WD only it was actually a very well-maintained road and there were council workers grading and working on the road as we went through.  It deteriorated slightly as we entered the National Park but by no means was it high clearance 4WD.  The road through the National Park was windy but beautiful with the most spectacular sight just as you left the National Park.  To the left you could see the wide expanse of the ranges and they were a very unexpected and beautiful sight, so much that we decided to stop on the side of the road and have lunch so we could take the view in for a bit longer.  There was a station to the left of us and I  can only imagine how much they must love that view every day.

Time to move on, we turned on to the Salvatore Rosa Road and headed into the National Park, an easy drive and the camp ground was only a few kilometres in.  We arrived, there were 3 other campers there (I won the bet I guessed there would be 5 and Andrew said 7).  After setting up we decided to do the 19km drive through Salvatore Rosa today as we had the whole afternoon still, so off we went.  We drove right to the end of the drive which was a very sandy track, you could almost imagine you were on Fraser or Moreton Island instead of western Queensland.  At the end was Mitchell Springs, named after the famous explorer Major Mitchell but there was no water in the springs.  We started the road back and our next stop was Belinda Springs which surprisingly had some water in it running under the ferns and even a tiny waterfall.  Next stop was H hill which was a steep climb up some well formed rocky steps but the lookout at the top was worth the climb with the major attraction being Spyglass Peak.

We drove on a bit further rand stopped at Spyglass Peak which is really the best thing to see in the park and if we came again would come straight here and not worry about the other attractions.  It stated a 2km circuit walk which we though would be pretty good, it came up to what I would call the Great Wall of China. It was rock wall jutting out of the ground, probably a good 10 feet tall or even higher and went on for at least half of the walk, an amazing natural phenomen, with a few holes in the rocks where we could spy Spyglass Peak.  We kept walking and the track stopped and there were some rock hills which we could walk across and also looking for the other half of the track, wondering if we were returning the way we came.  Found some rocks piled on top of each other and assumed that was the marker for the track so followed that and found the other side of the track.  The view to Spyglass Peak from the rock hills was absolutely incredible and if you were there at sunset I could imagine the view would be amazing.  But we kept walking and did the circuit around the base of the hill and back to the car.  To drive the 150 odd kilometres into this park it was worth it just for that walk alone.   Very unexpected and incredible to see what nature produces and allows us to see.

Back to camp to our camp fire and sausages on the fire for dinner tonight.  It was going to be a cold night tonight predicted at 0 and we could feel the temperature dropping significantly so time to go in the caravan and turn the central heating on.

Posted in: Tagalong Adventures Australia at 27 May 22