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Poem - Andrew & Renee's Xpedition

By - Renee Derry

This poem was written somewhere in outback QLD - a scribble as we drove


We're on the road again scouting, a new safari to make

With blue skies & wide open roads we stop & camp beside the lake

The fire is soon roaring and the camp oven is on the coals

Our stomachs are grumbling as the stew fills our bowls

We set off in the morning driving the road less taken

Stopping in the smaller towns looking for inspiration

The things we see, the kilometres we travel

Sometimes going in circles as our plans unravel

To show of our country is a privilege for sure

Whether iconic or unknown you'll see on our tagalong tour

Through flooded roads, dusty storms & searing heat in Kunnanurra

The flat open plains and friendly locals found in Muttaburra

We scour the country searching for roads we can take

On our next tagalong suiting rv's of every make

And as our truck gets tired it might be time to say goodbye

 A landcruiser is on the cards which brings tears to Andrew's eyes

We've had plenty of bumps, hiccups and trials along the way

We see familiar faces, some just met and friends here to stay

And so off we go on another safari, another brand new day

by Renee Derry

Posted in: Tagalong Adventures Australia at 23 October 20

Poem - Outback Wandering 2020

By - Fiona Owens

This poem was written by Fiona on our recent safari through outback QLD, hope you love it as much as we do!


Wandering some dusty outback track

who knows when we'll be back

Settle down in our seat

Off to Lara Wetlands to meet and greet

It's been a really long wait

to catch up with old Safari mates

Twenty-seven travelling in fifteen vans

The majority being "safari" old hands

Four first timers, treat them gently break them in slow

Looking and learning as they go

Heading out in convoy with fifteen days to enjoy

Aramac - white bulls and sculpture trail

Lots of photos without fail

Glorius camps spots at Lake Dunn

Rest & refresh for more days of fun

Freedom camp - Muttaburra-Saurus

Old hospital tour especially for us

Winton - come a Waltzing Matilda with me

Age of Dinosaur, bones and fossils to see

Kynuna - Blue Heeler Hotel

Jokes, laughs and good food to keep us well

McKinlay, quick stop Walkabout Creek hotel to see

it's famous connections with Crocodile Dundee

Dunnarts, lighthorsemen, sculptures, mosiac seat

Hellish hot at Julia Creek, 39 degrees had us beat

Knonosaurus ancient creatures, inland sea

all part of Richmond's bygone history

Hughenden, Flinders Discovery Centre, windmills

Porcupine Gorge and rather steep hills

Charters towers lots of history from days of old

it all started when someone found gold

The Lynd then to Einasleigh & Forsayth on the dirt

We hoped and prayed our motorhomes would not be hurt

Road to Cobbold Gorge, corrugations dust and rocks

with rattles rolls and shudders that nearly shook off our jocks

Over the range to Pinnarendi Station stay

Saddened to think it's our second last day

Final destination Paronella Park

Sausage sizzles, quizzes & ladder golf, it's been a lark

A big shout out thankyou, Andrew & Renee

for the great adventure and leading us astray

By - Fiona Owens - October 2020

Posted in: Tagalong Adventures Australia at 22 October 20