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Tagalong Adventures Australia

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Fiona's Poem "Off to Uluru"

Oh the places we'll go and the things we'll see

Drop off any fruit or veg, have your permit in order

to get us all across the South Australian border

Across sparse paddocks, creeks and tanges

along the ay we will see many changes

As we head to Spear Creek near Port Augusta

where the mob will gather like sheep in a muster

To meet up with old and some new travel mates

as we cross the land of few fences and gates

Each morning a briefing of the trip for the day

a call goes out and we are on our way

Vast salt lake, ironstone flats and hills of sand

our convoy of nineteen heads into no mans land

Towns of dugouts, mines and painted mountains with Ned

"Why" our bus had an unscheduled stop is best left unsaid!

Finska and ladder golf we sometimes play

making a good way to end the day

It's goodbye SA Hello NT

Uluru, Olgas, Kings Canyon we'll see

Field of Lights, "the Rock", sunrise and sunset

hundreds of photos we're sure to get

Learnt some culture, had walks in the bush

in an old abattoir, a lesson on how to make paper

raffles, quizzes and fun games

Poems and jokes by the campfire with lots of laughs

Had to unpack and assemble a new BBQ

An intricate job for the boys, it took quite a few

Twenty-five days together, its been a blast

when having fun, time goes so fast

As we head our separate ways, don't look back

See you again, somewhere on the track

Written by Fiona 29/4/21

Posted in: Tagalong Adventures Australia at 19 May 21

Darling River Run Safari 2020

Exploring the Darling River is an experience not to be missed.  To follow the river and see how it impacts towns and stations along the way and to hear the stories from station owners such as Kallara Station on how they manage the water is a very special experience. 

We stayed at Kallara a couple nights and the station owners were so welcoming and happy to share their stories and even take a few of us out for a drive around the station showing how they manage the water and keep their farms going.   Sitting in front of boiler with the fire going and cooking up a camp oven for dinner was a great way to relax and spend the afternoon.

When we ran this trip a year ago the river was fairly dry and when we stopped in at Tolarno Station there was basically no water at all in the river.  We were able to camp on the banks of the river at their Station enjoying a campfire at night, the stillness of the outback, it was magical.

Travelling through Bourke the river was very low and we were unable to experience the paddle vessel 'Jandra' at that time, but going into the Back o' Bourke Centre and the Stockmans Show was fantastic and really looking forward to seeing that again.  Bourke has a lot to offer and while we were a local tour guide took us on a tour through a cotton gin learning about farming sustainability.

To be able to follow the river again this year will be a different experience, some water has been flowing into the Darling and we will be able to see the changes it has made as we head down to the river.  I'm looking forward to visiting these stations again and to hear their stories on how they adapt to the changes and keep their stations running.

Another great place we visited was Brewarrina with a great free camp right on the Barwon River and if you head into the information centre in town you can get a tour of the ancient Aboriginal fish traps, another insight on how the water in the river was used

Seeing a part of outback NSW that you don't normally get to see is a truly unique experience and the landscape is incredible with the changing colors and scenery that only this part of the country offers.

Check out our youtube video below showing the highlights of this fantastic safari following the length of the river.  This is such a diverse tagalong including Lightning Ridge, Silverton and Mungo National Park, something for everyone!

Posted in: Tagalong Adventures Australia at 20 July 20