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A SALUTE TO YOU - by Fiona Owens

Andrew and Renee extraordinary tour guides

who take the safari groups far and wide

Get in line to follow Xpedition 01

you're guaranteed a holiday of unforgettable fun

These pair, you see have an adventurous side

taking mishaps and break downs in their stride

Lots of patience goes with the job

when they're landed with such a mixed mob

Renee does wonders with itinerary and bookings

Andrew the whizz at fund raiser BBQ cooking

Extra notes at the briefing as we stand

to watch the drawing of a mud map in the sand

A remarkable talent for fitting vans in a small space

side by side or nose to nose, all get a place

Jots in that notebook, to keep us in line

do something silly and you'll get a fine

Selling the Nissan, Andrew saw the light

but the new Toyota, needs lots of "tweaking" to get it just right!

Like most of the girls, spot a patchwork shop

A call from Renee "we just HAVE to stop!"

Safari groups are so lucky to have you two

With the excellent job in all that you do


Posted in: Tagalong Adventures Australia at 11 May 23